I came from a family of artists. My grandfather was an architect in Los Angeles,
and my father and uncle were motion picture set designers, dating back to the late
1930's. Unlike many in my family, my career was decidedly not related to art.
I was a human resources administrator at Caltech until I retired ten years ago,
and up to then had never had the interest to pursue art except as an avid
museum visitor.

After retirement, I began experimenting with a "you too can learn to draw" kit and was soon hooked. I ventured timidly intoa couple of local community education classes in art, and finally enrolled in Drawing 101 at COC. Two years later, I had managed an AA degree in Art, and I've had a wonderful passion and hobby ever since.

I draw and paint with watercolor, oil, and pastels, and my favorite medium is whatever I'm working with at that moment. Next, I'd like to try linoleum cut printmaking. I live with my Brittan dog, Rocky, in Saugus, and my other passion is volunteering for the Rancho Camulos Museum near Piru. It's a wonderful place to paint, by the way!